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Dear Customers,
As we are sure you are aware the government has released the lockdown on the Hospitality Industry from the 4th of July and we are excited to be reopening albeit under strict operating guidelines. The procedures are not subject to interpretation and must always be adhered to.
This being the case we have outlined our procedures below.

● We will be operating a one-way system, meaning you will enter through the main entrance, and leave via the side entrance, whilst moving through the pub a face covering is required.
● There will be hand sanitiser inside the front door which you will be required to use on entry.
● As a temporary measure the back of the pub and back garden will be closed; however, we have obtained authorisation to use the front car park as a seating area.
● The ladies toilet will be closed, making the Gents toilet unisex, there will be hand sanitiser outside the toilet door which you will be required to use on entry. This will be a one in one out system, we have installed a bolt on the inside of the door which you will need to lock on entering.
● There will be no bar service and no customers may sit at or approach the bar, instead a table delivery service will be implemented. Only customers from 2 households may sit at the same table to a maximum of 6. Please remember when you leave your table for any reason as per government guidelines a minimum 1 metre distance will need to be observed more if
● Table tabs will be in operation, which will be settled upon departure at a designated pay point, with either cash, card or a combination of both.
● Children will be welcome but must always remain seated with their families.
● Dogs will also be welcome, but owners will need to keep their dogs with them on a short lead and be vigilant with regards to attention from other customers.
● There will be flags at your table ☺ When you require service you will need to raise your flag and a member of staff will come over and take you order. When re-ordering drinks… customers will need to place their empty glassware in a tray at a designated area, we will then serve your replacements in fresh glassware.
● When we serve your first drinks, we will be taking one Name & Address from each table, to satisfy the NHS track & Trace system.
● Smoking will be allowed in the front seating areas, should this be full please smoke away from the front of the pub.
● Tables and chairs in or out of the pub are not to be moved by customers. If you need your tables rearranging please speak to a member of staff and where possible we will facilitate.
● We will initially be operating a limited menu.

These procedures will be constantly under review and may be subject to change in line with Government advice, as stipulated above the procedures are in place for your own safety and ours and any transgression may result in you being asked to leave the premises.

This new normal is a huge change for all of us, we ask that you be patient and kind and to please understand that we are learning too!

We look forward to seeing you on soon.

Kevin & Pam


2 thoughts on “Archived: Re-opening arrangements

  1. AvatarJan Kohlmann

    Dear Kev and Pam,
    I just read that you are able to re-open your lovely site and it seems that you all are well which I really hope.

    As Shanty festival for this year is canceled Renate and I are still planing to vistit Harwich in October. We are booked in at Samuel Pepys as ever. I just emailed them and got a reply this minute that they also re-open on Saturday and our bookings even for 2021 are safe.

    I was on furlough for two months and now back to part time work, luckily I was not affected by Corona as I know some who were and one unfortunately passed away. I hope that all dear lads are well and will enter the New Bell soon to make you both happy!

    Can’t wait to see you both again in happier times, hopefully in October.
    Stay save and take care!

    All the best,
    Jan from Hamburg, Germany

  2. AvatarPam

    Hello lovelies,

    Thank you for your message It’s amazing to hear from you both.

    We are doing just fine and glad you are too. We can’t wait to see you both in October.

    Until then please stay safe

    Love Pam & Kevin xx


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